Feeling Stuck and 3 simple ways to deal with it..

Embracing the “Feeling of Being ‘Stuck”

Let’s chat about something we’ve all felt but rarely talk about – feeling stuck, like nothing new is happening, being in limbo. You know that sensation, right? Like you’re wading through thick mud, trying to move, but you just can’t. The more you struggle the more frustrated you get, and soon anxiety and stress become your constant companions.

It’s frustrating, scary, and super overwhelming. But here’s a crazy thought – what if being stuck isn’t the real issue, but the way we look at it is?

My take on this phenomenon that everyone goes through but nobody wants, is simple. I’ve been there more times than I can count. Days, weeks, even months when I feel like I’m just spinning my wheels. At first, I’d panic, thinking, “I need to be doing more, moving faster.” But since that was not doing anything constructive for me, I chose to look at it another way. I took a step back and realized: maybe this ‘stuck’ phase is just life’s way of saying, ‘slow down, take a breather, see where this takes you.’ A simple mindset hack that made all the difference.

Riding Out the ‘Stuck’ Phase, just observing without judgment – Here’s what I’ve learned about dealing with this feeling when it shows up.

  • Stop Fighting It: Sounds counterintuitive, right? But seriously, when I stopped seeing ‘stuck’ as the enemy and just let it be, things got way easier. It’s about acknowledging the feelings without letting them rule you.
  • Find Joy in the Little Things: Even when I’m stuck, there’s always something that can bring a smile to my face. It could be curling up with a good book, date night with my husband, playing with my dog, or an evening out with friends, Whatever works for you. It’s about finding those little moments of happiness, even when the big picture feels overwhelming. It allows me to reevaluate and reset my priorities.
  • Just Write:  This works beautifully for me. There’s something magical about putting pen to paper. I just write whatever’s in my head – no filters, no judgments. It’s amazing what you discover about yourself and your patterns when you just let it all out. If you have not done so as yet then it is time to try and put it to practice.

What ‘Stuck’ Really Teaches Us

The biggest lesson for me? Resisting what is, only makes things tougher. Now, I try to see my resistance as a reminder to chill out. Life has its own flow, and sometimes, the best thing we can do is just ride the wave. Knowing that everything has a season and this too shall pass.

Life’s Stuck Seasons

Whether you’re stuck for a short while or it feels like forever, it’s all part of the journey. These phases teach us so much about patience, resilience, and self-compassion. They’re as natural as the seasons – there’s sunshine, and then there’s rain. When we accept these phases for what they are, our whole perspective shifts.

So next time you feel stuck, remember, it’s not just you. We all go through it. And it’s perfectly okay to feel this way and even struggle with it. That’s life – beautiful, messy, and wonderfully unpredictable.


I Feel alone and would love to know how to move past this phase.

It’s great to start with some self-reflection and maybe even dive into self-help materials. But, honestly, getting a pro on your side, like a therapist or a coach, can be a game-changer. They offer personalized advice and strategies that go beyond the surface problem to determine where you need to focus your attention on the most. Plus, speeding up your personal growth journey will only help you manifest your desires faster. Sometimes, having that expert support makes all the difference.

Stay strong, and remember, being stuck is just a part of the journey and help might be just a call away.!

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